While the rest of the country wasn't looking the crime epidemic in Chicago reached a level remniscent of the days of Al Capone. Who could have imagined in the depression years that tomorrow's gangsters would be children? In 2009, the city property crime rate in Chicago was higher than the national average by almost 40%. However, the violent crime in Chicago for the same year is 163% more than the national average. According to the FBI, Chicago was number 3 in the nation as far as violent crimes are concerned. Chicago also had the odd distinction of being the only city on the list without a total for forcible rapes listed because Chicago's method of listing them doesn't comply with the FBI's request. Why have we made such dramatic progress in reducing deaths from disease while homicide remains such a persistent problem throughout the United States? What does it say about us when we can't protect our children, even as they go to school? Why are we meditating on killing our future and how do we stop it? Part of the challenge that Chicago faces is that it is the third largest district in the U.S. According to the FBI there were 432 murders in Chicago in 2010. There were also 14,213 aggravated assaults. Victor Hugo once said "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." It is in that fiery spirit that this plan is written. It is in that revolutionary slogan that the city of Chicago will unite in a silent civil war against the ugliest part of her. It is in that spirit that STV will occur. Let it be said next year when Chicago's quality of life becomes the envy of the nation that the city became sick of itself and the children demanded a peaceful quality of life from their parents and their leaders. The chant "Stop The Violence, Stop The Violence, Stop The Violence" followed the citizens to sleep and domineered their dreams. We saw these words over and over again in the newspapers and magazines, we heard it on the radio stations and the TV stations, and it rippled across the city with such force it didn't stop when it reached the borders. The entire nation took up the chant. This is the idea who's time has come. From this Shane Dean birthed the Stop The Violence, Save Our Future Project to target areas not only in Chicago but across the nation. He and his staff are diligently working on an infrastructure to support this cause.

Shane Dean has been an advocate for optimal health and fitness for the majority of his life. One of the main products that he is into is water. A Ph balanced water at a that and why? Well an alkalined body is known to be able to fight disease far better than one that is not. When he learned of the water shortage in the needy villages of Ghana it captivated him. Since then he has had meetings with the Consulate of Ghana to take a step forward into fixing the problem. He currently is the official spokesperson and Water Ambassador to Ghana supporting all positive movement to fix the problem. He recently Co-founded the Thirst For Water campaign that is doing very well in creating global awareness in the Ghanaian communities as all other ethnicities in the USA.

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